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It is a MMROPG game set within several timelines during the Age of Exploration
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Uncharted Waters Online is a multiplayer online game. The action takes place somewhere around the 15th century. It is set in Europe and even though it has some fantasy content, most of the artwork is highly realistic. The game offers two styles of gameplay: land and sea. When on land you are under captain's control, and the gameplay is similar to most MMO games. At sea however, everything is much different and the game mechanics are really well optimized for ship navigation.

When first entering the game you will need to create a character. The customization process doesn't have many features. You can choose among a number of preset models and add some modifications here and there. After that you can choose among a number of 6 European nations of that era. The main difference among them is that you'll have different language skills. Each nation speaks 3 languages other than their own. After this you will choose a job: Adventure, Trading or Military. Each one has its own perks and will determine some gameplay factors, although not that much.

When your character enters the world you will start with a very long tutorial. It will contain quests that will describe and thoroughly explain most of the game's features. After about 1 hour and a half playing, I still didn't finish the tutorial. The gameplay is a lot of fun. It has an autopilot feature which automatically takes you to a point on the map. This is useful because the game doesn't offer a quest helper, so you should read everything and go on your own. Another nice thing is that you can take part in huge naval battles which look outstanding. The only thing I don't like about the gameplay mechanics are the controls. They are difficult to get used to at once because they are quite different from other games.

Overall, Uncharted Waters Online is a great game, and it can appeal to anyone who likes naval simulations or just plainly being a pirate.

Dennis Niels
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  • Many features
  • Both land and sea gameplay


  • It took very long to update due to server congestion
  • Outdated graphics
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